EZ-pop Technical


Various kinds of POP, SIGN, DISPLAY & LABEL
to stick on glass windows of shops, department stores, restaurants, banks, offices, trains, cars, etc. and also on plastic & metal plates
For examples;

  • POP on glass windows of shop where requires frequent change
  • Menu of the day or season on the glass windows of restaurant
  • Announcement of events or occasions on the glass or floor at exhibition
  • Design decoration on the whole glass window


  • Excellent air venting when applying
  • Nothing is easier to stick than “EZ-pop” which is repeatedly removable
  • Extremely high transparency
  • Olefin elastomer coated adhesive does not remain glue after removal
  • Surface is specially treated for UV offset, UV silk screen and UV inkjet printings. Other types for solvent-base or water-base ink are also available.





Type Applicable ink Base film Separator film Max. effective width Note
EZ125-B23J11 UV transparent 125μm matte 75μm 1,060mm for large posters
EZ50-B23J11 UV transparent 50μm matte 75μm 1,060mm for labels, stickers
EZ125-FJ UV white 125μm matte 75μm 1,060mm
EZ125-B91J02 Solvent-base transparent 125μm transparent 38μm 1,240mm
EZ150-B92J02 Water-base (matte) white 150μm transparent 38μm 1,240mm
EZ25-F01J02/LS25* 1,140mm Mount-Grade

*Composition of EZ25-F01J02/LS25:
PET separator 25μm/strong adhesive layer 20μm/transparent PET base film 25μm/self-adhesive layer 20μm/PET separator 25μm


  1. Standard roll length is 200m/roll. Other lengths will be also available upon request.
  2. Cut sheet in any size also available but depends on order quantity.


Physical properties

Item EZ125-B23J11 Acryl adhesion(reference)
Applications POP/Label Process protection
Total light transmittance (%) 91 91
Haze (%) 2 2
Air venting speed (cm/sec)
〔Adhesion ease index(Large figure=Good)〕
4 0.5
at 23℃ 65%RH x 0.5h 0.02 0.11
at 23℃ 65%RH x 500h 0.02 0.13
Ahhesive strength (N/cm)
for soda glass
at 45℃ x 500h 0.05 0.15
at negative 20℃ x 500h 0.02 0.13
Xenon Arc x 100h 0.03 0.2


Application manual

For better application

“EZ-pop” sheet is so easy to stick onto the objects, such as glasses, that it automatically sticks without any air spots under the film.
For large sized sheets, however, it is recommended to follow the below procedures;




  • Apply “EZ-pop” sheet onto the flat and smooth surface of such as glasses, mirrors, polished metals. The rough and curved surface of object may not be ideal to apply this sheet.
  • As the time goes on after application, the adherence will be strengthened in order not to be removed easily from the object. It is particularly remarkable for on the resin material like acrylic plates.